Síntegra inaugurates offices
Last June 30th we inaugurated our new offices. We continue to be located in the same building which we moved into in 2001, although we have introduced some notable improvements.
On the first floor we have installed the operative departments, that is to say, those departments which intervene in all or some of the phases of the projects which we realize. The new organization in open space has contributed positively to the increase in the flow of information and improved the efficiency of the teams.
Administration and finances, the reception and the meeting rooms are situated on the top floor of the same building, a space that has undergone a complete restructuring so as to adapt to our work philosophy.
For the design and distribution of space we have based our criteria on sustainability, innovation and productivity the same criteria which we apply to all the projects we carry out for our clients.
Business Centre of the new South Terminal
Last June 16th the Business Centre of the new South Terminal of el Prat Airport was inaugurated. With an area of 3.000m², this contains among other facilities, a number of modular meeting rooms, a conference hall, offices, a restaurant, a spa, a gymnasium and 10 rooms, we have realized all the installations and the adaptation of interior spaces within a period of execution of two months.   
Síntegra renovates its Corporate Image
With the aim of reflecting the changes which the company has undergone we have renovated our Corporate Image and our Web Site.
We set up in the distrito 22@ de Barcelona and we define ourselves as a service company dedicated to the integral management of offices, premises and industrial warehouses. Since then we have grown and we have become one of the most competitive companies in our sector, improving our model of management and offering our clients more added value to our projects as well as facility services.
This evolution has situated us in 2008 with a turnover of 11.000.000 €, a stable staff of 30 people and our own resources of more than 600.000 €.
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