Our criteria for the realisation of projects are based upon:

*, environmentally friendly materials, renewable energy, energy efficiency.

We use building materials and innovative building systems as well as applying the latest technologies in building automation to improve energy efficiency of the installations for our projects.

Our projects are focused on providing a comfortable and energy efficient environment which will improve productivity the work place.
Based on with a compilation of the client’s objectives and requirements we come up with ideas, make the calculations and the designs and plan the project.

The activities we develop in the project department are:

* Eco-efficiency consists of creating goods and services whilst using fewer resources and generating less waste.
Feasibility studies
Basic projects
Executive projects
Engineering installations for buildings:
electricity, air conditioning, telecommunications, plumbing, fire prevention...
Legalization of installations and activities
Projects for renewable energy: photovoltaic,
solar thermal, heat pump, biomass...

Home/office automation

Energy Audit

Technical Due Diligence   

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